2016, the year the consumer market grew concrete interest into Virtual Reality (VR) leading both to business successes and… flops. Clearly, 2017 will be the make or break year for the VR industry operating in the mass market.

However, VR has been a well-known and implemented technology amongst professionals for years. The implementation of professional virtual reality over the past years has led to major and concrete return on investment for industrial companies by greatly reducing process time and prototyping costs.

The VR business to business market, both hardware and software, has been a healthy and steadily growing market. Nonetheless, not every professional can afford the initial investment required for such valuable equipment and a countless number of bright minds don’t have access to such tools. In 2016, the breakthrough of professional VR Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs) on the market contributed to broaden the range of professionals implementing VR to improve their processes.

The question of the year will be to figure out how this amazing technology can be made accessible to all professionals around the World?

Who will make this technology available to Indian SMEs? To European companies whether they are from the West or the East? To South African start-ups?

This major challenge is clearly not limited to a specific area, it is worldwide. As such, the answer must be worldwide.

With this in mind, four companies amongst the greatest and most experienced tech companies in the World, decided to work together and created a platform giving access to these technologies to all professionals. IMMERSION (France), Nvidia (USA), Barco (Belgium) and HP (USA) joined forces and created the first worldwide VR renting platform: vr-bnb.com.

This platform creates a new reality for the business world:

Any professional around the World equipped with VR technology can now generate revenue from its equipment when it is not being used by renting it out.

Any professional around the World eager to experience VR, thus improving both its process and its outcome, can now benefit from other professionals’ expertise and access unique experiences.

It is time for a world in which every professional has access to the technology they deserve. Through vr-bnb, this new reality, a world of virtual experience, just arrived and is yours to take.

Register now on www.vr-bnb.com.